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Patriots of the American Revoluntionary War

This page lists some of my ancestors who were patriots of the American Revolutionary War. Listed after each patriot is the information about their service. For more information on Patriots of the American Revolution try the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) message board for patriot lookups or The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) Web site for forms to obtain pensions (form 85) or military service records (form 86).

John Bobbitt (G)
     Listed in the DAR Patriot Index
     Private in the 4th Virginia Regiment
     2nd Lieutenant in Pittsylvania County VA Militia

William Bobbitt (G)
     Listed in the DAR Patriot Index
     Soldier in Captain Trigg's Company
     Captain in the Montgomery County VA Militia

Abraham Brandt (G)
     Served in the Lancaster County PA Militia, 2nd Battalion

John Clifton (G)
     Listed in the DAR Patriot Index
     Private in Capt. William Earl's Company, 1st NC Regiment,
     commanded by Col. Samuel Jarvis

Aaron Collier (G)
     Listed in the DAR Patriot Index

William Dalton (G)
     Listed in the DAR Patriot Index
     Lieutenant in the Montgomery Co. VA Militia in Capt. Jonathan Isham's Company

Isaac Edwards (G)
     Not listed in the DAR Patriot Index
     No pension records found at NARA
     Fought at the Battle of Guilford Courthouse in NC

William Jennings (G)
     Listed in the DAR Patriot Index
     Soldier, Patriot Service: Took Oath of Allegiance in 1777
     Swore to McCorkle and was in Jonathan Isham's Company

Tobias Phillips (G)
     Listed in the DAR Patriot Index