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Web Site and GedCom Update Log

October 28, 2006
Added photos of George Adam Sensenbaugh and Mary Miller to the Photos page.

June 28, 2005
Added photos of Jesse Sensenbaugh and Jacob Adam Sensenbaugh to the Photos page.

March 05, 2005
Updated Photos page with pictures of Elmer Spidel, Verna Sensenbaugh and Family and Henry Spidel and Daughters.

February 10, 2005
Updated Photos page with pictures of Ike and Esther Jeffert Dalton and Bill and Ruth Casterline Dalton.

January 16, 2005
Updated Photos page with pictures of Ethel Mary Dalton, William Henry Bobbitt and Garland Claude Bobbitt.

December 02, 2004
Completely re-wrote the entire site and optimized all photos.

September 23, 2004
Added photo of Zimri Sensenbaugh to Photos page.

March 07, 2004
Updated Home Page and colored framed pages with new blue theme and easier to read font. Updated GedCom with additional information for the Myers family.

September 01, 2003
Added photo of Thomas Jennings Cemetery and tombstones of Sarah Clifton and Thomas Jennings to Photos page.

August 31, 2003
Added photo of Collier Cemetery and tombstones of Lucy Bobbitt, Shadrick Collier, Aaron Collier and John Collier to Photos page.

August 29, 2003
Added photo of Garland Dalton, Lula Hundley and Family to Photos page.

August 08, 2003
Rewrote Web pages to be Netscape Navigator compatable (version 7.1).

May 31, 2003
Added photos of Zion United Brethren Church of Monitor, IN and Pyrmont Cemetery, IN to Photos page.

January 29, 2003
Added Patriots of the American Revolutionary War page that lists some of my ancestors who fought in the American Revolution.

November 10, 2002
Added tombstone photo for Isaac Edwards on Photos page.

July 03, 2002
Added link to new Zion Cemetery Web Page for Zion Cemetery in Monitor, Tippecanoe County, Indiana. Nearly 500 burials listed with tombstone photos for many.

June 29, 2002
Updated the Resources and Links page with information about "Cemeteries of Carroll County, VA" and "Carroll County (VA) Heritage Books". Both are highly recommended if you have roots in Carroll County, VA.

June 22, 2002
Updated the Resources and Links page with a link to The Dalton Databank.

June 15, 2002
Updated the Resources and Links page with links to web sites of other researchers.

March 17, 2002
Updated the Photo page to include photos of Sarah Shively, Margaret Marker and Delilah Spidel.

March 10, 2002
Updated the Photo page to include photos of Herman Dalton and Carl Quesinberry, Thursa Dalton and Elva Mae Jennings and Thursa Dalton, Kenny Jennings, Allie Dalton and Mallie Jennings.

January 15, 2002
Updated the Photo page to include a photo of Garland and Callie Fleming Dalton.

December 27, 2001
Updated the page for William R. Bobbitt Cemetery, VA to include a list of burials, links to genealogy data for some burials and photos of individual tombstones.

December 21, 2001
Added photo and tombstone photo for Garland "Claude" Bobbitt

December 08, 2001
Updated WorldConnect GedCom file for descendants of James Calvin Sensenbaugh b. 14 Jun 1849.

November 25, 2001
Added link to my new The Speidel Family One-Name Study Web Site. This new site is for the study of all variants of the name Speidel (Spidal, Spidel, Spidell, Spidle, and other names matching soundex code S134).

November 14, 2001
Moved web site from Geocities to Rootsweb. now redirects to Rootsweb. If you use any other link to access The Spidle's Web, such as, please now use to access the site. Geocities only allows a certain amount of data transfer per month and had started shutting my site off due to high traffic. If you tried to reach the site during the last month and were unable to it was probably because the site had exceeded the traffic limit for the month. This should no longer be a problem at the new Rootsweb site.

November 10, 2001
Updated Tombstone photos to include links to genealogy info at WorldConnect.

November 09, 2001
Updated WorldConnect GedCom file to include Dalton Bride marriage information.

October 28, 2001
Updated WorldConnect GedCom file to include Dalton Groom marriage information and several new Dalton entries.

October 08, 2001
Updated WorldConnect GedCom file to include links to photos of individuals, tombstone photos and cemetery photos. Some of the records updated were: Capt. William Bobbitt, James H. Bobbitt, James P. Bobbitt, J. Edison Bobbitt, Lt. John Bobbitt, William Henry Bobbitt, William R. Bobbitt, Abraham Brandt, Martin Brandt, Ann Branscome, Harbert Branscome, Margaret Carroll, Elias Dalton, Emisittie Dalton, Ethel Mary Dalton, Garland Dalton, Callie Fleming, Lula Hundley, Isaac Dalton, Martin Dalton, Nancy Dalton, William "Bill" Dalton, Kesiah Hill, Nancy Jennings, George Kline, John Jacob Kline, Anna Margaretta Kroner, Barbara Kuns, George Kuns, Henry Kuns, Jacob Marker, Sarah Shively, Gabriel Myers, Mary Slaybaugh, Jacob Sensenbaugh, Susan Myers, Mary Schmeltzer, Adam, Carl, Hettie, Zimri and Verna Sensenbaugh, Amanda, Caroline, Susannah, Aron, David, Henry, John and Daniel Spidel, Elizabeth and Stephen Ulrich, and Jacob and Leonard Wolf.

October 07, 2001
Added tombstone photos for: William Henry Bobbitt, J. Edison Bobbitt, William "Bill" Dalton, Ethel Mary Dalton and James H. Bobbitt from cemetery in Goodland, Newton County, IN.

October 06, 2001
Uploaded updated GedCom file. Corrected information for Thomas Dalton (b.1886) family and added 1860 and 1870 census information for Bobbitts and Daltons.

July 13, 2001
Updated Photos page with tombstone photos for: Daniel Spidel, Daniel Spidel Family, John W. Spidel Family, Jacob Marker and Sarah Shively, Leonard Wolf, George Kuns and Stephen Ulrich.

July 08, 2001
Updated Photos page with tombstone photos for: David Spidel, David Spidel (son of John and Margaret), John Spidel, John W. Spidel, Margaret Marker, Willie Tracey, Aron Spidel, Jacob Wolf, Elizabeth Ulrich and Sarah Spidel.

July 07, 2001
Updated Photos page with photos of cemeteries from Ohio: Forney, Fort McKinley, Gettysburg, Newcomer and Turner/Shively.

June 17, 2001
Updated Photos page with Tombstones photos for Amanda Spidel, Zimri Sensenbaugh, Carl Sensenbaugh, Hettie Sensenbaugh and Mayme Sensenbaugh.

June 04, 2001
Added members of the Zimri and Amanda Spidel Sensenbaugh family to GedCom on WorldConnect.

May 29, 2001
Added many members of the Kuns family to GedCom on WorldConnect.

April 1, 2001
Added new Resources and Links for Genealogy Research page.

March 31, 2001
Added new guest book. Please sign!

March 27, 2001
Made change to Photo Page. Some pictures were not always appearing.

March 18, 2001
Uploaded updated GedCom file. Includes new biographical notes for Carroll County, VA relatives including Bobbitt, Dalton, Branscome and Edwards. Also added biographical information for David Brandt in Indiana.

February 25, 2001
Added Land Grants and Indentures page with William Bobbitt Land Grant and George Adam and Jacob Kline Indenture. Added History of United Brethren and German Baptists of Perry Township, Indiana to the Churches and Religions page.

December 31, 2000
Uploaded GEDCOM with 47 new descendents of William Bobbitt, Sr.

December 25, 2000
Uploaded GEDCOM with over 600 additions to the descendents of Peter Sensebach.

November 26, 2000
Uploaded GEDCOM with updates and additions to the descendents of John and Margaret Marker Spidel.

July 23, 2000
Uploaded GEDCOM with obits for Elmer Spidel, John Spidel and Margaret Marker, added Samuel Spidel, Deis Muller, Maria Ermel, changed Henry Spidel's date of birth to be the same as John Spidel's because of obit info, changed David Spidel's date of birth based off of tombstone reading, added info for Sarah Clifton. Added Cemetery photos for E. Frantz, W. Frantz, Sunnyside, Landis, Zion Evangelical Lutheran, Kuns family, Brandt family. Added tombstone photos for Caroline Spidel, Henry Kuns, Barbara Kuns, Jacob and Catharine Klein Sensenbaugh, Abraham Brandt, Samuel Spidel, Samuel Spidle and family, John G. Spidle and family, Martin Brandt, Anna Margaretta Kroner, John Jacob Kline, Sr., George Kline and Mary Magdelene Schmeltzer.

July 22, 2000
Uploaded GEDCOM with many updates and additions. Added new generations for Schmeltzers and Neffs.

July 21, 2000
Added photos of Emisittie, Ethel, Ike and Thursa Dalton. Added photos of Capt. William Bobbitt Cemetery and William R. Bobbitt cemetery. Added tombstone photos for: Capt. William Bobbitt, Garland Bobbitt, Callie Fleming, Lula Hun(d)ley, Margaret Carroll, William R. Bobbitt, Ann Branscome, Elias Dalton, Emisittie Dalton, Harbert Branscome, James P. Bobbitt, Isaac Dalton, Kesiah J. Hill, Lt. John Bobbitt, Martin Dalton, Nancy Dalton, and Nancy Jennings.

June 25, 2000
Updated WorldConnect GEDCOM: added marriage information for Henry and Hester Spidel and John and Margaret Spidel, added tombstone reading for Emma Spidel Stong, Mary Ellen Spidel Replogle, David Brandt, Mildred Mary Spidel Pearson, added death notes for Noah and Benjamin Spidel. Also added photo of Jacob P. and Susannah Spidel Replogle's tombstone.

June 11, 2000
Updated WorldConnect GEDCOM. Added Susannah Shively, Mary Metzger Henricks, children for Henry L. Kuns, Willie Tracy, Margaret Marker, Jacob Marker, Sarah Shively and Mary Miller Antrim. Also added obituaries for: Hester Brandt, Z. P. Sensenbaugh, Amanda Spidel, Catherine Blickenstaff, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Sensenbaugh, John C. Sensenbaugh, Enos Sensenbaugh, Emma Sensenbaugh and Jesse F. Sensenbaugh.

June 10, 2000
Updated WorldConnect GEDCOM. Added Caroline, Susannah and Lydia Spidel, Jacob P. Replogle, Henry L. Kuns. Added obituaries for David (1858), John, Mary Ellen and Willam Spidel.

April 09, 2000
Added Churches and Religions page with History of the Fairview Church of the Brethren.

April 08, 2000
Added Sensenbaugh information: Spouses, several obituaries and photo of Emma Sensenbaugh. Also uploaded new GEDCOM file to WorldConnect. This file contains the Sensenbaugh information as well as information on David Spidle from Stark County, Ohio and his ancestors.

April 04, 2000
Added Pyrmont, Fairview and Rossville Churches of the Brethern to the Photo page.

April 02, 2000
Added UPDATES page.

April 01, 2000
Updated GEDCOM on WorldConnect. File now shows names of the living (without data) and all notes.