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Bobbitt, Dalton, Sensenbaugh and Spidle Families Genealogy Research Site

U.S. Regions of Carroll County, VA; Dauphin and Union Counties, PA; Frederick County, MD; Carroll and Tippecanoe Counties, IN and Darke County, OH

Other Surnames Being Researched

On the Paternal side:
Brand, Brandt, Cripe, Genster, Ginsler, Ginster, Hollinger, Klein, Kline, Myers, Prottsman, Protzman, Schaeublin, Schmeltzer, Schneider, Sensebach, Shively, Slaybaugh, Speidel, Spidel, Ulrich, Wolf

On the Maternal side:
Branscomb, Branscombe, Branscome, Carroll, Clifton, Collier, Fleming, Goad, Hill, Jennings, McKenzie, Ogle, Phillips, Sturdivant, Sturman

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